It’s true, some people are naturally more comfortable in front of the camera. But you’re not doomed. If you’re the type of person that hates posting selfies or getting their photos taken but has to show up online for their business, this is for you. 77% of consumers prefer shopping with brands they follow on social media, and social media means photo and video content. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunities to develop those relationships, so it’s crucial to overcome camera jitters or at least fake it ‘til you make it.

5 Tips for Being More Comfortable In Front of the Camera

Whether you’re thinking about your 1st photoshoot or your 10th, it’s normal to be a little bit nervous. Choosing a photographer you’re comfortable with and the right environment can make a huge difference in how you feel. The other piece of the puzzle is the planning that goes into it.

Here are five tips to help you become more comfortable in front of the camera to build more authentic connections with your clients.

Tip 1: Get to know your photographer.

You want to get to know the person that’s going to be holding the camera on some level. I can see a massive difference between my first brand shoot with my photographer vs the second because we developed a friendship over the year between the sessions. While you don’t need to be BFFs with your photographer, here’s how you can build a relationship that will help you loosen up when the camera’s on.

  • Check out their website. This will likely have a collection of testimonials, an about page to browse, and a portfolio of their work so you can get an idea of how their clients feel about the process and the style of images they take. Some photographers are light and airy, while others have a documentary style. It’s important to choose one that aligns with your brand for consistency.
  • Follow their social media accounts and sign up for their newsletter. There are so many people I’ve never met or spoken to that I feel connected to because of their online presence.
  • Book a discovery call so that you can ask a few questions about their style, how they help you during the planning process, and what to expect during the brand session. I love to have these chats over zoom or coffee if you’re local so we can meet face-to-face.

Tip 2: Plan your photo session.

A little bit of planning can go a long way. Knowing what kind of imagery you want ahead of time can help you select the best props and outfits that will enhance the shots instead of wondering what to do next after every pose.

Putting together a Pinterest board or vision-board-style collage can help you brainstorm the vibe you’re going for. You don’t need to get too crazy about the details, but an inspirational starting point certainly helps.

Tip 3: Use props.

A photographer once told me props are like holding a red solo cup at a party – it just makes you feel comfortable. Posing over and over can begin to feel repetitive, so bringing in some tools of the trade or things you use day-to-day can help break up the shoot and give your photographer some detailed shot opportunities so your feed has some diversity.

Need help figuring out where to start? My free guide has a great checklist of prop ideas.

Tip 4: Choose the right outfits.

A lot of clients ask me, “what should I wear?” While there are certainly no rules to your creativity, there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to your wardrobe selection for your brand shoot.


  • Wear something comfortable that fits. Today is not the day to squeeze into the too-tight jeans that went through the dryer. You’ll feel your best when your clothes fit your body, and you’re not trying to make your body fit your clothes.
  • Be versatile to make the most out of your session. By throwing on a sweater or cardigan, you can totally change the vibe of a photo without a lot of effort. 1 pair of great jeans can go with tons of tops you can choose from.
  • Make sure everything is stain-free, wrinkle-free, and you have a lint roller on hand.


  • Wear outfits you don’t typically wear. You want your clients and customers to be able to recognize you. Now is not the time to try out a new style or funky patterns that don’t align with your brand.
  • Wear colours that won’t work well with your overall look. If your brand has a bright, neutral feel, it won’t be as cohesive if you have random pops of colour that don’t typically suit your style.
  • Clash with your environment. Think about the location you’ll be in, the lighting, and the props you’ll be using. If your environment is pattern-heavy or distracting, you may want to stick with solid neutrals to compliment the space.

Tip 5: Don’t jam-pack your day.

If you’re feeling rushed, you won’t be in the best headspace for having your photos taken. I always recommend taking the entire day or at least a half-day, even if you’re just booking a 1-hour session.

You don’t want to leave hair and makeup to the last minute to find you’re stuck in traffic and late for your studio rental. Leave plenty of leisure time in between, so you can put on your favourite playlist and hype yourself up before the photoshoot. I highly recommend treating yourself after – you deserve to celebrate after investing in your business!

Beyond the planning and prep, you can uplevel your confidence with the right poses. Read 5 Tips to Pose Like a Pro For Your Brand Photoshoot to help you knock your next brand photo session out of the park.

Do you feel nervous in front of the camera? Do you have any extra tips? Share your experience in the comments below.